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Hi, my name is Christian Hipolito. I'm a season Photographer & Filmmaker based here in Wellington, New Zealand. 

My involvement with photography started when I was 12 years old, that was 1991, my dad was a photographer, and we use to own a studio, back then photographers were highly praised, I mean those
years you can't be a photographer if your shots were horrible, you have to earn it, you have to practice every day, and you have to be financially stable to become a photographer, one of the reason not a lot of people are interested in pursuing photography.  

Back then my dad required a runner to do his bidding, and I was that guy, my task was to head to the Photo Lab and wait till the rolls get printed. To be frank, I hadn't had the patience to hold on, and also I miss out on my favorite cartoon TV shows.

A few months later things changed, my dad started giving me money. The money he gave wasn't that much by the way but I was hyped, I was able to buy those GI JOE's toys, and then another few months later my father started teaching me how to change films, how to use an enlarger,  develop black & white photos and even introduced me to his colleagues. My interest in photography heightened, I even started taking shots. One day he asked me to take a picture and develop it myself, I was like "WOW." The thrill and the excitement of waiting, I wasn't sure what I was going to get, is it going to be under or over, If I recall I was guttered to see that it was all black. 

The year 1993, I had a chance to play with a Minolta Dynax 7D, I was 14 years old, I use this camera if I'm taking photos at school, I was a little paparazzi of Paco Catholic School Gazette. I was cool, and my schoolmates feared me because I might take their picture surprisingly. Back then, all I know was to put in the film, press click, develop and print; I wasn't following the rule of thirds nor was I sure what exposure is, but was interested in photography.

A few months later my dad thought I was responsible enough to hold a camera, so he let me use all sorts of camera he owns, Fuji, Kodak, Minolta, and Pentax. I was so enthusiastic back then, whenever there was a school function I was there to take photos, and then a year later a new instructor manages the school's newspaper, this new instructor was after my expenses. The cost of my photos wasn't cheap, the chemicals and the papers I use were all A grade. Yes, I hand in black and white, and I develop it myself. The teachers couldn't understand the beauty of black and white, so my shots were unappreciated, I got sacked, so I lost interest.

The year 2009, my Nana bought me my first compact camera, it was a black Fuji camera; it was a 12-megapixel camera that eats a lot of batteries. I used it when I'm traveling, parties or any occasion I want to remember. My Facebook got filled with photos and memories, and then one time a friend of mine told me why not pursue photography, I asked why he said you got an eye for it.

2011, my interest in photography emerges back; I bought my first bridge camera; it was a Fuji FinePix camera, and again it eats a lot of power. On weekends, I head to Wellington Zoo and take photographs of animals and various objects.  I started reading books to understand further the in and out of photography, every day I practice I didn't care if my shots were crap or what, I just take photos, I have no reason not to stop clicking because I had the advantage to look at them in an instant, everything is digital now.

I'm hooked on photography, I take photos because I love doing it, people who like my shots gives me something to boast, I get overjoyed seeing my images come alive, and here I am now with running my own business & website. 

Also, I studied and earned my certificate at New Zealand Film and Television School, studying there enabled me to understand further what it takes to be a filmmaker and also learned areas/departments I could concentrate in. 

A year after that, I started studying Graphic Design; it widens my knowledge with Indesign & Illustrator and most of all stretch out my creative noggin. 

Anyhow, I hope you like what I envision and what I see through my lens, and If you do, I'd like to invite you to follow me as I venture life itself.

The year 2016, I won two awards from the New Zealand Cinematography Society, I won the Al Guildford Award and the Gold Award as best student cinematographer for the year 2016, for more info about the ceremony and awarding, please click this link.

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