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Christian  Hipolito

ART & Photography

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I started a company with my school mate and I'm the production manager of this film.

The Artist is Max Hollander who approached us and wanted us to make a video for him.

The production cost of this film was less than $750, imagine that.

Candy Rose a hit single of Supermodel.

I was lucky enough to be part of this music video.

The DP took me under his wing as a 1AC (Focus Puller).

Watch me in Action while I do focus pulling

The videographer for this one is Jay Smith, well he likes to be anonymous.

This was a low budget music video, I think most of music videos nowadays are low budget anyway.

I was a gaffer for this video, I didn't use any expensive lighting gear, I only used house lights to effectively lit the area.

It's amazing how you can do with a couple of house lights.

To know more about me with my filmmaking work, please click this to see my C.V.

The rest of the videos I've worked on, to be honest, I haven't seen them yet so bear with me.

This was my first film Debut as a Cinematographer.