Christian  Hipolito

ART & Photography

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To know more about me with my filmmaking work, please click this to see my C.V.

The rest of the videos I've worked on, to be honest, I haven't seen them yet so bear with me.


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I started a company with my school mate and I'm the production manager of this film.

The Artist is Max Hollander who approached us and wanted us to make a video for him.

The production cost of this film was less than $750, imagine that.

The videographer for this one is Jay Smith, well he likes to be anonymous.

This was a low budget music video, I think most of music videos nowadays are low budget anyway.

I was a gaffer for this video, I didn't use any expensive lighting gear, I only used house lights to effectively lit the area.

It's amazing how you can do with a couple of house lights.

This was my first film Debut as a Cinematographer.

Candy Rose a hit single of Supermodel.

I was lucky enough to be part of this music video.

The DP took me under his wing as a 1AC (Focus Puller).

Watch me in Action while I do focus pulling