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Christian  Hipolito

ART & Photography

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My love and passion for food has enabled me to see the beauty of what goes on behind the scenes, preparing meals such as this.

Now, photographing food is another story. It takes a lot of creativity to prepare them nicely. My goal is always make the food look enticing to the eye, and let watchers imagine in their heads and wonder what kind of experience would they get if they are eating this food.

Photo taken for: The Flaming Grill

When love keeps you living, you will do whatever it takes to see her, at night when the townsfolk & guards are all asleep.

Models: Kat Kellock & Cas Wanden


"When I take photos, every shot needs to have a purpose, it needs to have a story."

 - Christian hipolito

When I take portrait photos of my clients, I make sure I connect with them. I wanna understand them, I wanna see who they really are within.

When they're thinking, laughing, etc.. Those moments are priceless.

"As a creative person I like to orchestrate something I only imagine in my dreams or see on movies." This takes a lot of planning and it's really fun to do.

You can see some of my work at Creative Tauranga, click this link to get a PDF file copy.